New enhancements to Clever Case include:
  • A new “payment wizard” to streamline payments for invoices and trust into one process. This will be live for finance users for a few days, and will come out for the rest of the org in the coming weeks.
  • A new billing preference called “Not Sent to Client”, which is used when the bills are sent to the court, an insurance, etc. Setting your matter’s billing preference to “Not Sent to Client” will prevent bills from accidentally being printed or emailed to the client.
  • Adds ability for finance users to push an invoice from draft to sent, to reduce approval emails when not needed
  • Finance users can now refund money that is on a client’s operating account without moving it to trust and then refunding it
  • Payments via ACH and check will no longer show as “pending”, but will be applied to the account when inputted.
  • Invoices that have not had payments applied to them, or all payments have been reverted, can now be voided or deleted by finance users
  • Other fixes to our invoicing, including pagination fixes on print & email invoices page, batch invoicing process to properly filter out matters based on tags, payments syncing to Xero using local time instead of UTC, CSV imports now use US format dates